Full Stack Engineer at Logikcull, Software Engineer, Nationwide

Our current stack includes: Rails, Backbone + Marionette, MySQL, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch, all running in AWS.
The positive team-focused engineering culture at Logikcull makes working on massive problems even more rewarding.

Job Responsibilities

- You will completely own and build out features in Rails + Javascript from start-to-finish
- You are able to take a design/proposal and carry it through to a thoughtful and polished end result with good test coverage
- You will support our amazing Customer Success team in helping diagnose/explain user-reported bugs and improve existing code
- You will review code written by other engineers and provide useful and honest feedback
- You will take initiative to improve the software whenever you notice something lacking or that is a particular pain point from your use
- You will write documentation around features and operations to help share knowledge and save other developers time
- You will participate in an on call schedule and be open/willing to expand your knowledge of backend systems to keep things operational
- You have the ability to learn and move within the organization as wanted. If you're interested in infrastructure/backend development, site-ops, security, microservices, mobile development etc. we want to keep you interested in your job and help you achieve personal growth

The features you build will have a massive impact into our rapidly growing user base. We build features based on the JTDB (Jobs To Be Done) framework. Every feature is well thought out before we commit to building it. Some of the features we’ve created have saved our users hundreds of wasted hours from doing manual processes. And other features have saved people millions of dollars in unnecessary litigation expenses. Talk about having an impact!

Job Requirements

- You have a computer science degree from a 4 year school or 5+ years development experience
- You have experience developing or contributing heavily to a production Rails application
- You have experience with production Javascript code - ideally with framework experience
- [Bonus] You have specific experience w/ Backbone + Marionette
- [Bonus] You have experience with Elasticsearch and/or other search technology
- [Bonus] You contribute to open-source projects

Culture Requirements

- Developers at Logikcull are highly technical, independent, and self organized. We place a lot of trust in our developers to make the right decisions on a day-to-day basis and be pragmatic and transparent about decisions they make.
- You'll fit in at Logikcull if you’re a team player with little ego. We regularly team up with co-workers in a tight-knit (highly distributed) environment for brainstorming, pair programming, and collaboration.
- We want our developers to continually want to grow. You are always looking to get better as a developer and you keep up with newest technologies and consider yourself a polyglot.
- You take calculated risks and experiment in the name of innovation.
- You are fine with with throwing away things if they don't work out, and able to recognize early on when something isn't working out.
- You pay close attention to detail and know that the little things matter when it comes to writing clean/maintainable code.

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