Senior DevOps Engineer at Optro, DevOps, Washington, DC

Optoro is looking for a highly motivated Senior DevOps Engineer who will apply their innovative ideas to helping with the scaling, automation, and stability of our environment.

We hire people not only based on what they already know, but based on what they are learning and their hunger to deliver and to keep expanding their skills!

This position will require the Senior DevOps Engineer to interface with other developers, install, configure, tune, and monitor a variety of services, and ensure the security of systems. If you enjoy working on products that will propel sustainable commerce forward, this is it.

We need our Engineers to be versatile, entrepreneurial, and enthusiastic to tackle new problems across within the reverse logistics industry as we continue to push our technology forward each day.


- Install, configure, tune, and monitor linux servers
- Install, configure, tune, and monitor a variety of services including:
- Web servers such as Apache, Nginx, and Unicorn
- Data systems including MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Kafka, ElasticSearch, and Redis
- Utility services like HAProxy
- Automate the above using tools like Chef
- Work with tools such as Docker, Triton, Terraform, Consul, AWS, and Illumos
- Monitor capacity usage of server and network resources and plan for future needs
- Assist developers in deployment and operalization of Ruby on Rails and other applications
- Ensure security of systems
- Keeping the lights on, while building out the next generation
- Other duties as assigned from time to time by your manager


- A Bachelor’s degree is preferred
- 10 years of Linux administration
- Experience with Chef or other automation framework
- Experience with services mentioned above
- Exceptional attention to detail
- Ability to communicate clearly
- Love for building, and breaking things

Optoro is an equal opportunity employer.

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