Interview question - Tell me something about yourself that you would not want me to know

When you are not prepared, this question can stump the very best of thinkers, achievers and stars. At first pass this question almost sounds like: tell me if there is something you are trying to hide. I - for one - have a lot to hide from an interviewer; things that are inappropriate for a first time conversation with anyone at all - let alone a prospective employer.

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Job Interview – Five tips to making a lasting impression.

Job seeking can be a stressful experience, regardless of the seeker's background and strengths. For one – most of us do not practice job seeking as a vocation. Once we have a job we want to do well and make the best of it for both the employer and for ourselves. We usually are not thinking of seeking our next jobs until we are compelled (in some way) to do so. Since most of us are not seeking jobs on a regular basis, our training and preparedness can become rusty. Many find themselves falling short in terms of talking about their own skills and strengths, be it in their resumes or during an interview.

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Amazon simple email service (AWS SES) simplified and explained with a PHP example

This article is about demystifying and using the AWS simple email service.

After a good deal of research and other ground work, I have since been able to make sense of the service and now have successful applications in production that consume SES. This article is an attempt at giving back to the community and making things simpler for folks that are toying with SES now and want to give it a try.

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Jobs search - the employer's perspective on winning resumes

When a prospective employer looks at your resume, they have to think of you as a commodity. You may not like the idea, but that is the simple truth. Employers have a requirement to fill, and they are looking for the best candidate that can fit the requirement. The operative words being ‘best & fit’ and not just ‘best’ on its own – I will explain ..

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Jobs Search - against all odds and the recession

As is now well known, statistics on the average person having to involuntarily look for a new job is between three and five times in a career span. "Job security" - as generations before us knew it, seems to have failed to transcend the generational threshold. Though we are all well aware of this "new reality", it is an utmost difficult thing to think ahead and plan for these sudden changes. After all how do you remain faithful to your current job, give it your very best and still be looking elsewhere - just in case? ..

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