Put yourself First when looking for your first job

Have you recently graduated? Well you are now at the next juncture where you need to take a leap - landing yourself with a job. Some of your peers have already launched themselves on to the career ladder while others have taken time out to travel. Some are volunteering, others on international apprenticeships. It is easy to get impatient and feel dejected but cut yourself some slack!

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Top 5 Tips on How to Write an Effective Job Application

Employers, especially the big ones, are increasingly moving towards online applications. This helps them get consistent and uniform responses and provides everyone with a level playing field. It not only provides them with an easy comparison but also allows them to customise the form to their needs. However what about you? How do you make sure your application is good enough to compete with that of others?

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Mobile ready navigation menu - light weight, yet elegant; with code example

Like you are looking for it right now, I had been looking around for a mobile ready navigation solution, for quite some time. During my search I found many solutions, and have since tried out a few. While most solutions work, some beautifully, and some not so much, I could not find a solution that was simple enough to work across a range of devices and give me a worry free component.

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You Can Make Your Job Search More Productive

Job hunting can feel like a full-time job — without the payout. Any modern job seeker knows the struggle of sending resumes far and wide and not getting their desired results. That’s why the team at Reviews.com spent six weeks consulting with experts and hands-on testing the most popular job sites. Consider these takeaways from their research:

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Interview question - Tell me something about yourself that you would not want me to know

When you are not prepared, this question can stump the very best of thinkers, achievers and stars. At first pass this question almost sounds like: tell me if there is something you are trying to hide. I - for one - have a lot to hide from an interviewer; things that are inappropriate for a first time conversation with anyone at all - let alone a prospective employer.

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Job Interview – Five tips to making a lasting impression.

Job seeking can be a stressful experience, regardless of the seeker's background and strengths. For one – most of us do not practice job seeking as a vocation. Once we have a job we want to do well and make the best of it for both the employer and for ourselves. We usually are not thinking of seeking our next jobs until we are compelled (in some way) to do so. Since most of us are not seeking jobs on a regular basis, our training and preparedness can become rusty. Many find themselves falling short in terms of talking about their own skills and strengths, be it in their resumes or during an interview.

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Amazon simple email service (AWS SES) simplified and explained with a PHP example

This article is about demystifying and using the AWS simple email service.

After a good deal of research and other ground work, I have since been able to make sense of the service and now have successful applications in production that consume SES. This article is an attempt at giving back to the community and making things simpler for folks that are toying with SES now and want to give it a try.

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