Put yourself First when looking for your first job

Have you recently graduated? Well you are now at the next juncture where you need to take a leap - landing yourself with a job. Some of your peers have already launched themselves on to the career ladder while others have taken time out to travel. Some are volunteering, others on international apprenticeships. It is easy to get impatient and feel dejected but cut yourself some slack! I don’t mean immerse yourself into the brand new video game that’s out there! (There is nothing wrong with doing that either). Take some time out during the day to decide what you want and what kind of a person you are. You have a choice now more than ever to get your teeth into something you enjoy and will continue to. You have a choice of doing something that you will look forward to. You don’t want to sign up to a graduate training programme that will remind you of the dreaded afternoons when you have had to put up with some unavoidable dolorous ramblings. Wouldn’t you much rather channel your energy into something that enthuses you? There are numerous blogs, articles that are geared towards providing you with top tips on how to land that top job. I wish you all success in meeting your goals too. In the meanwhile I have a few tips for you too.

Look after yourself

What are you looking for? The student loans out there along with the need to move out and many such other considerations are weighing you down. The trick however is to think through what you want rather than jumping at the first job advert that comes your way. While I understand it is a numbers game and your chances of securing yourself on some organisation ‘s payroll increases with the number of applications you make; don’t forget yourself. You are not just a number, you are an individual, a person that is going to have to spend a significant part of their life living through the numerous hours that may seem repetitive and meaningless based on the decision you make today. I do urge you to keep up at the numbers game but start by identifying which ones. To do that you will need to spend some time knowing yourself.

Spend some time finding out your own needs

Clichéd as it may sound, it is important to create a list of what gets you ticking. You may start with a simple list of what you like and dislike. For example if you are a person that likes the outdoors, travelling or meeting new people you may not want to be cooped up in a space where the only interaction outside your happy hours is with your PC. On the other hand if you like working as an individual and like completing things by yourself before you seek feedback, that may be just what the doctor ordered. Life will throw many situations at you where you will find yourself with your back against the wall. It doesn’t have to be now when you are still making a career choice.

Do your research

Don’t just let names and brands make the decision for you. Before you apply, research what a typical day might look like, read up what reviews are out there. This is time consuming and may slow you down but in the long run it will help you make the right choice. If you decide this is the right place for you, it will also help you make your resume and your application relevant to the job profile. While engaging with the site you will Inadvertently pick up on relevant references that will make their way to your application giving you the edge. (This is something I would like to discuss in detail on another occasion). In the meanwhile I wish you all the best at this crucial point in your life and end with one mantra: put yourself first!

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